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About the Cheese

Who delivers the “Squeaky Cheese”?

The person that created the process for you to get the cheese in your community is me, “The Squeaky Cheese Guy”. My name is David Beaudoin, and yes I am a Frenchman. Being born and growing up in Québec City, I can assure you that being Cheesy is a great learning experience, and this is what I am about to tell you.

Why do I deliver fresh Squeaky Cheese?

There are three main reasons for that, and they are the following: I am thirsty for learning. I wanted to learn how to build a successful business while educating people about cheeses and about having an entrepreneur mindset and its benefits. Moreover, I wanted to have access to my favorite cheese, and this, at any given time.

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About the Cheese

First of all, “Squeaky Cheese” is a trade mark for a young mild cheddar known as “Cheese Curds”. I prefer the name Squeaky Cheese to Cheese Curds because it sounds simply more friendly and funny. It matches my vision of doing business.

The Origin

The Cheese originated from the Province of Québec in 1960s. This cheese is a result of milk surplus from the local dairy farms. The milk transformation factories had way to much milk for the current demand and had to sell the milk at a loss. What makes some people unhappy, makes other people happy. At that time most existing dairy factories saw the opportunity and began making cheese out of the surplus. This easy to make cheese started appearing as the main cheese. Today the industry of cheese making part of the dairy industry is one of the main industries of Canada. The 1960s milk surplus led to great advances in terms of cheese and this is one of the reasons why the province of Québec is so ahead in terms of cheese in Canada today.

All cheese are made from milk that curdles, but this one is simply best when fresh or melted! In fact, in the process of making cheddar, the cheese makers will always make the fresh cheese curds. The difference between cheese curds “Squeaky Cheese” and the blocks of cheddar you know is the age and the whey. After making the chunks of cheese and adding salt to it, the cheese maker pull out the curds for instant sale and what is left over of the cheese curds is being compress together for several hours. They wait until all the whey left in the cheese has gone out and that it holds together as a block. Once individually package, the next steps are first, to age the cheese for at least thirty days, then distribute it, and finally sell it as the cheddar you now know.

The whey is what makes the cheese a little salty. When cutting up the cheese in chunks they also add some salt to it and makes the small rectangular chunks of cheese become rounder and of all sorts of different shapes. Moreover, the salt becomes the preservative that enables reseller to sell the cheese at room temperature for the first twenty four hours after it is baked. This is when it is best, but even after being refrigerated, it is still great just let it come back to room temperature, slightly warm or even melted. The only way to have the Squeaky noise back when chewed is to warm it up if it still within a week of freshness. Make sure you do not warm it for too long or you are going to get a puddle of squeak, which is by the way, still very tasty. 

The Inevitable Test Question?

Which of those two bags of squeaky Cheese would you consider the freshest: the bag sitting on the counter or the only bag left in the cooler?

The bag that will not sit long on the counter is the right answer!


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