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Welcome to the home of the Famous Squeaky Cheese!

In this website you will increase your knowledge about the famous Canadian “Squeaky Cheese” and about Cheeses in general. Moreover, take the opportunity to get healthy through laughing while looking at “..” the annimated cow.

Why should you buy it?
Here are three great reasons to buy Squeaky Cheese.

  1. First and foremost it is the best mild cheddar you will find because there is no other cheddar like it when delivered fresh.
  2. Second, because it is full of dairy proteins, and as a matter of fact, a great and healthy way to snack. You can even leave it at room temperature or slightly warm for 24 hours after purchase, therefore no worries about carrying it.
  3. Thirdly, because I am bringing consciousness to humanity through the building of people and teaching to everyone who has a desire for learning about business, and positive thinking. I pass on the knowledge I acquired, so that other become successful too.

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